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I like it so much I bought it twice!
American Weigh Digital Scale, 100g [0.01g sensitivity]

I love this scale so much that I had to buy another for me father. It has been consistently accurate within 0.010 when weighing stuff. I have to mix up a nutrient powder tht requires very specific weights. I needed something that could weigh mg accurately. This fits the bill.

The first one I ordered, I got the calibration weight and I test it before each use to see if it is calibrated and it is always within a margin of 0.010. The second one is on it's way for my father. I figured we can just share the weight for calibrating it. This will allow him to mix up the nutrient powder if I am not around.

I love that it is small but still can handle a good amount. I actually had a sharper image scale that I bought and it wasn't accurate below 5g. I was surprised because this is a brand I am not familiar with and sharper image was supposed to be high quality. This one surpasses the sharper image scale.

You really can't beat the price for this scale. I am very happy with it.
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AWS-100 Digital Scale 1/100th of a (g) accuracy

I actually ordered 2 scales. One to keep at my place and one for my girls house. Both scales are manufactured by America Weigh Scales. I needed a portable digital scale to help me manage my meal time, caloric intake, because of diabetes. The scales digital readout is mounted on the side of the scale and actually is only open when using the device. The AWS scale has all the bells and whistles of a weighing device that easily costs 3-4 times as much. The new scale has possibly, the most easy, self-intuitive, curve there is for learning the scales features, controls, and various functions. It has 4 modes for weighing. It weighs (g)grams, (oz)ounces, (ct)carats and (gn)grains. Just tap the mode button to switch between measurement units. The scale has a very nice 2 piece, plastic case to protect the scale when not in use. The 2 pieces of the case consists of 1 large base and a smaller sized lid, which can both be used to weigh with.There's also a tare button, which takes and automatically subtracts the weight of your weighing container so your a measurements are precise and exact. You put your container on the powered up scale tray. The backlit display shows the weight of your measuring container. Just tap the tare button again, the display will now read 0.00, you're now ready to add your desired item to be weighed, onto the weighing container. Your scale has a +/- tolerance of 0.02 g. It's well constructed and has a 10 year warranty. By the way, it's powered by 2 AAA batteries. I will gladly recommend this wholeheartily to you, my family and friends.


Its very accurate and easy to use
American Weigh Digital Scale, 100g [0.01g sensitivity]

This product was ordered for my husband. He was looking for a small portable, accurate scale. First we checked local shops, to avoid having to wait for the scale to have to be shipped. However quality of portable scales is not great, and he wanted one that would read 0.01 grams.
After looking online and checking reviews my husband decided on the merican Weigh 100g x 0.01g Digital Scale.
The scale could weigh between 100 grams to 0.01 grams. Although we didn't need it weigh up to 100 grams its still nice to know we could. My husband used a nickel to check the scale and still uses a nickel to check that it is measuring accurately. It seems to measure very accurately since we have bought it. Its been over a year and it is still working great.
My toddler likes to help daddy and play with anything daddy has, including this scale. So far my toddler has been unable to break the scale.
The small size made it easy to store or take with us if necessary.
Since it was battery operated, we did not need to plug it in to use it, meaning we could use it on the go. The batteries last forever! I don't think we have replaced the batteries once since we bought it, and my husband uses it tons.

Snazzy design, well-made, and the price is right—couldn't be happier!
American Weigh Scales Black Blade Series BL-100-BLK Digital Pocket Scale, 100 by 0.01 G

This is probably the best set of portable digital scales I've ever owned. From what I read, it's accurate to within +/- 0.03, which works for my purposes—measuring powdered supplements for nutrition and diet.

I bought this device because I liked the straightforward design that didn't have a hinge lid, and because it measured to .01 rather than just .1. Also, the price was definitely right as it was only $10.

It comes with two lids, one which goes over the metal scale area and then a larger one that you then set the whole scale down into so that, between the one on top and the one on the bottom, the entire scale is enclosed and protected. It's also really handy that the top lid can be used to hold whatever it is you're measuring—just be sure to tare the scale after putting the lid down onto it—instead of putting your powdered supplements directly onto it. They can easily get into the cracks and crevices and be really annoying, so using the lid for this purpose is really handy. I've also used a small 2-inch by 2-inch piece of paper for that purpose too, as I can easily add powders to a bottle of water this way.

All in all, I'm ecstatic with this purchase. The fact that the digital screen click in and out of place from beneath the scale is both a snazzy design feature as well as very practical. The mechanism itself seems well-built and doesn't appear as if it'll break easily. I would highly, enthusiastically recommend this scale to others and would definitely buy this bargain-priced, slick scale again.

Precise and Magnificently Designed...

From the first time I receive my package I knew that I made the right choice. Even the box was beautifully designed and stylish. Not only does it still look good but I've come to find out that it works flawlessly.

I love the whole design of the scale from the attached case, to the insertable 10 gram weight. There's even a tray that is perfect for measuring the smallest of items.

The feature that is most important to me is the ability to calibrate the scale whenever you want. This option ensures accurate measurements for all of your measurement needs. This purchase has made me realize that AWS is a leader in their field and I'm sure to check out their other products.

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 Accurate and precise milligram scale with everything you need included at a literally unbeatable price. Very few downsides.

This is a balance but since the title uses the word scale I will call it a scale for simplicity. [Skip to bottom for pros/cons/short version].

This scale is exceedingly well made *for the price* (and reasonably well made even compared to much higher priced ones).
It comes in an excellent little protective case that holds the scale and the accessories tightly in place and closes securely with a magnetic latch that is far easier to open than if it were a standard box.

The screen is backlit blue with black text and is easily readable in all lighting conditions, the text is large and sharp, and though smaller the mode indicators are also easily readable.  The buttons are easy to press and give a distinct tactile click. The lid of the scale opens and closes easily without contacting the weigh boat or changing the tare, it can also be left in the half open position shown which gets it out of the way and is not heavy enough to tip the scale.

Included is the scale, TWO 10 gram calibration masses, a measuring bowl and a pair of sharp smooth tip tweezers all contained securely in a carrying case.

I would say that this scale is ideal for measuring within the range of 15 milligrams all the way up to 19 grams with a repeatable measuring accuracy of +/- 1.5 mg in the 10 mg to 500 mg range and an accuracy of +/- 3 mg in the 500mg to 19 gram range - these numbers are based on my own testing using professional calibration weights and comparing readings between this scale and a Mettler-Toledo balance in my lab that costs orders of magnitudes more than this little guy.

It has mode selections to measure in:
Penny Weight - dwt (used in gold measurements, 18.23 dwt = 1 Ounce or avoirdupois)
Grains - gn (some pharmaceuticals still use this measurement, aspirin for instance)
Ounces - oz (Don't mix this up with troy ounces, which it also measures)
Troy Ounce - ozt (Troy ounce, used when measuring precious metals it is equal to 31 grams instead of 28 like a normal ounce)

The accessories are of okay quality and the calibration masses check out to within 0.00025 grams of 10g and each other - there is a place for one of the check weights on the scale itself and one in the carrying case which is a little silly. The masses I received seemed to be solid metal, unlike some of the other reviews have said.
The weigh boat has a relatively small flat portion on the bottom and the handle is also quite small, this makes it hard to handle and easy to spill especially if you are using it to handle liquid. I personally replaced it with a higher walled teflon weigh boat with a fully flat bottom. The tweezers are tweezers, not much to say there - they are stainless steel with a sharp tip allowing small amounts of sample to be scooped but since they are stainless powder sticks to them pretty significantly, so for my uses I replaced them with a teflon tipped pair of the same size.

The only real downside to the operation of this scale that I have encountered is the Auto-Off function, which can no be adjusted, is often much too short - especially if you are closing the lid. For instance if you put your weigh boat down and tare it then remove it to add some sample the scale will often turn off before you have the chance to put the sample back on - this is true even if you dont remove the weight boat after taring and are adding a very small amount of powder, since you must be careful and take your time it will occasionally turn off on you; this can also happen if you're getting really close to a specific amount (say 100mg) and just need to add 2mg more so you just tap your tweezers to add tiny bits of powder, if the amount you add is a bit under 1mg and doesn't cause the reading to change it will shut off on you. I would estimate the auto off to be about 30 seconds. What I do as a work around is remove the weigh boat after taring and tap the scale surface gently every little bit to keep it active, you can also hit the mode button, etc.

A QUICK WORD OF WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS BALANCE TO MEASURE OUT 1mg of a something if being off by 1 or 2 mg could be dangerous, just don't do it with this device. Instead measure out 100mg then dissolve in solution.
Despite the quite excellent accuracy of this scale over its whole range it simply is NOT the tool you need to measure out a 1 mg sample. I would suggest trying to measure at least 10mg of a sample if you are measuring by difference (i.e. you put X mg on the scale, tare it, then remove sample until you reach -10mg) and >30mg for normal measures.
This is a great scale for its price but it is not a scale I would bet my life on measuring out 1 mg, period. Take the extra time to volumetrically divide a larger sample by solution or buy a .00015 gram range balance if that is your intended use.

Scale is far better than I could have ever expected for this price. It is accurate, precise, and the readings are repeatable over a wide range.
It includes all needed accessories, the case is excellent and holds everything firmly in place.
The calibration weights are accurate (some reviewers said theirs were not solid but mine were).
Great selection of modes available, just be careful not to mix up oz and ozt.
Highly readable screen.

Included weigh boat is small (even for a small scale like this) and is prone to tipping.
The auto-off feature turns the scale off too quickly, especially if you are using the lid to eliminate breeze, requiring you to press a button or something to keep it on and not risk losing your tare.
The tweezers are especially prone to static cling when using them for powder measures, the weigh boat is as well to a lesser extent.



Great scale for the price


Great scale for the price. Quickly and accurately measures various supplement powders in small amounts.

Calibrated perfectly out of the box. Included tweezers and calibration weight are a nice plus. The included pan sucks for trying to pour powders into a capsule. I use a folded playing card which works great.
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Great Little Scale

Nice little scale, I use it for small scale lotion making. Definitely helps to measure EXACT minute quantities which helps deliver perfectly formulated products to customers. Well designed, looks neat and tidy, comes in a box to protect it, has all the accessories in the box with it and has a magnetic closure on the lid. SHHH...(its worth more than its price)...

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Perfect scale. Gets the job done.

This scale is exactly what I needed. If you want the short version of this review then simply put, BUY IT. If you want the longer version then just keep reading.

This product came exactly as described and is a very easy product to use and is very accurate from what I understand. The way the product works, is you open it up and turn it on, then press the tare button which will set the scale at 0 calibrating it for whatever is on it. An example would be if you used a small cup style thing to put a product in to weigh it and it not get all over the place. So you tare it off with that product on top and it will show zero and not count the weight of the product holding the powder etc. Then you put it in and weigh it off.

The look of this product is beautiful and exactly what I am wanting and looking for. It is very very small and compact and I keep it inside of the little box that it came in for protection. This could be a useful tip if you plan on traveling with it. When I put the 10 gram weight on it just to test and see what the scale would read, it would say around 9.9 so I would assume that It is just saying that it is only.001 off of what it needed to be or something along those lines. I would read into this a little more for a better understanding. But if you are looking for a quick and easy weight that you can use to measure some things out, this is for you. If you are some nit picky scientist that is looking for exact down to the wire no margin for error weighing then you may want to pay for a scientist quality scale. But for the average user weighing out nootropics to put on a pill then that is all you need. Good luck and thank you for reading my review. This is a great product for a new or average user looking for something quick and easy.


The Blade is one of the best scales at Amazon

First, let me preface this with two things:
-#1: if you're in a hurry, if you like the way this scale looks and operates, go ahead and buy it with confidence in its accuracy, too. it's one of the best.
-#2: I came to this scale because I needed certain features, and the reviews on most of the scales at Amazon leave me with contradictory quotes and no way to tell which one is the best. So, I bought the 7 scales that looked best to me, and I've used them all. This has given me some perspective on what is good or not good in these small form-factor scales. I'm reviewing those that I kept. So, on with the review...

The Blade is so named because of the little section of the body which swings out to reveal the display and the operational buttons. It is held shut by a mechanism that locks or releases when you press it in, so shutting and opening "the Blade" involve the same motion: pushing in on the top of the swing-out "blade" section until you hear the "click-click" of its release or lock. When it swings out, it reveals the lighted display, the on/off button, the Tare button (for zeroing the display when you set an empty tray on the scale to hold more items), and the Mode button, which determines the units of measurement you prefer. Those units of measurement are shown below, along with their maximum reading on this scale:

Gram: to a maximum of 100.00 g.
Ounce: to a maximum of 3.527 oz.
Grain: to a maximum of 1543.1 gn.
Carat: to a maximum of 500.00 ct.

Note that these are small weights, and while the scale is accurate to a hundredth of a gram, its small capacity makes it unsuitable for a general household scale. What weighs 100 grams or less? Three silver dollars, but not four. Three AA batteries, but not four. 52 Pepsid antacid tablets, but not 53. A small, glass (59 ml) Tabasco Sauce bottle -- empty, but not filled. About ⅞ stick of butter, but not the whole stick. A leather glove, but not a pair. 40 shiny pennies, but not 41.

The scale is 3.75" square by .830" (13/16") tall. Metric dimensions: 95.2 mm square x 21.73 mm tall. With its lid on, it fits comfortably in your pocket. There is a 2nd tray/cover which will make it slightly larger, but I find it hard to get the scale out of that form-fitting square plastic cover, as there are no grooves or handles to grab it with. I'm fine without the big cover, but it's nice to have it as a tray for measuring larger numbers of pieces. Note: if you get the scale or its lid stuck in the larger cover, use a suction cup to pull it out. Don't bang it on the cabinet, for heaven's sake!

For calibration, you will need a 100 gram scale calibration weight. Be sure to get it when you buy the scale, as it should be calibrated first thing. In tests with a half dozen different weights, after calibration the Blade nailed every one of them to the hundredth of a gram. (.00 in the case of these weights) That's very reassuring. It's the only scale I have that hit all the weights exactly on the mark, every time.

The desirable features of this scale are its multiple units, it's small form factor, and its accuracy to 100th of a gram. If you want a scale to measure packages for figuring postage, this isn't going to help you much. But if you want to weigh small things like coins, beads, small pieces, spices in a recipe, sugar in a strict diet, or whatever you may have in mind that needs high accuracy and low capacity, then this is really a nice scale; one of the best. The marketing company which sells this Chinese device in America is AMS: American Weigh Scales, Inc., which is the company that sells most of the small scales that I actually like. The Blade is a very nice scale with no real downgradable issues, so I give it 5 stars out of 5. Treat it with care as you would any precision instrument, and it should last a long time.

The best scale ever used

Have used several scales before this, none after. The best scale ever used, super portable and more accurate than other scales that I used before it, 4 to be exact. Great for weighing single oz's and smaller although hard to weigh anything bigger. Perfect for weighing up the greens although would recommend a bit nicer, more sensitive scale if you are weighing powder.

Great scale,unbelievable accuracy for the price point.

I bought this scale to weigh powder charges for m reloading efforts. I am very impressed. I've been able to tack on a decimal place to my charge accuracy using this scale. I went from +/- .2grains to .05 grains.
I can place a primed case on the scale, tap the tare button to get a zero, then just trickle powder in to suit.
With a 20gram (308 grains) max weight, you won't be loading 50 BMG with this scale, but it will accommodate my .308 Winchester and 10mm auto cartridges with absolutely no problems.

It's too new to gauge it's durability at this point, but for the price who cares? I can buy five of these little beauties for the cost of the next most accurate digital scale. :)

My only (very minor) negatives are the small size of the weight plate - only slightly larger than a .308 cartridge base, and the two step calibration system. There are two 10gram weights and you are required to place them one at a time on the scale when calibrating. Whilst that is probably great for accuracy, I dread the day I inevitably loose one of the tiny calibration weights. But see the cost argument, I'm not too worried.


It's a Very Very Good Product for the price. It won't beat an Analitical Miligrams Scale, but if you're not a laboratorist, I will be Ok for you. Besides, a good analitical scale would cost you about $100 and up (very up!), while this one IS VERY ACCURATE and will done the work rightly.

1st. Star for ACCURACY, as it really weighs on miligrams (This means too that you have to use it on a closed place, without wind, and avoiding any external interaction cause will measure it too... THAT'S WHY PEOPLE TELLS THE SCALE DOESN'T STAY AT ONE MEASURE! THEY DON'T USE IT PROPERLY!!!)
2nd. Star for ACCESSORIES, because the tray, the tweezers and the carrying case are good. But getting the Calibration weights is AWESOME!
3rd. Star for DESIGN AND QUALITY. You'll notice it at first sight. It's not an all-alluminium one, but it's well made and it feels more expensive than it really is...
4th. & 5th. Stars are for SUPPORT & WARRANTY. If you ask them, they'll answer you. That's it. And the 10-year warranty (if you use it well, of course) it's something that, considering you didn't pay too much for the scale, weighs more than the scale itself!!!


Excellent For The Price

First off - who includes a TEN year warranty on a milligram scale??

...American Weigh foes. Which is great, since I'm a slob and have dropped this scale numerous times, left residue on/around the plate for ages, and generally haven't treated this thing as I do most electronic devices I own. And it still has yet to break, malfunction or otherwise function improperly.

I am astounded by the strength and quality of the materials, the packaging, the case, the ease-of-calibration, the consistent measurement accuracy and the low, low price.

I used to own a milligram scale - the kind where you must place a glass box over the whole device and try not to breathe within twenty yards of it. This scale IS affected by magnetism, gravity and electronic signals, but not anywhere near the extent that a scale hundreds of dollars more expensive is, and yet I find this to be just as accurate!

If you need a scale and are on a budget, look no further than this one. It's been amazing, a real pleasure to use. And being that I purchased it only a couple months ago, there is a long way to go before that warranty expires!

Best bang for your buck.

Very sleek looking
Small and portable
Comes with calibration weights
Also comes with tweezers
Little dish thing rather than a attached plate
Feels very well made
10 year warranty

Lid doesn't stay closed by itself
Holds one of the calibration weights, but you need both to calibrate it.
The cover of the screen comes off easily. I pulled it off mine trying to get the plastic film protecting it off.
Doesn't hold the dish, and without it the scale is unusable to weigh powders.

I'm not sure if they intended one to carry it in the box it comes with as mine didn't come with the little leather pouch in the picture. It's a very nice box with foam inserts to hold all the little things and a magnetic lid. It does look different that the one pictured. This foam is much thinner (and white), so it doesn't support the scale itself very well. It's also clearly the box it's intended to be sold in, meaning it has all the pictures and info on the outside. Making carrying it in the box not very inconspicuous. The tweezers are also different. They're just straight tweezers that you're probably used to seeing.

The readings can fluctuate quite a bit if there's air movement. All of the laboratory scales I've used to measure anything under 0.01g's have glass cases over the weighing area for exactly this reason. If you close the lid (which may be a draft shield rather than a lid) though, there should be plenty of room for whatever you're weighing to fit. I don't have access to any true lab scales to compare right now, but this scale seems quite accurate. Some one else covered this subject quite thoroughly. When you calibrate it, make sure to clean the weights very well to remove any oil from your fingers or dust (your shirt should do fine) and use something to place them on your scale (a gloved hand, the tweezers it comes with, etc.).

Bottom line: Buy it, easily the best scale I own.

Great scale for sorting air gun pellets!

I bought this scale to sort airgun pellets. I want to sort into groups, to the nearest 0.1 grain. This has 0.02 grain "resolution," which is more than enough. And it has very good "repeatability," when weighing the same pellets repeatedly. I don't know, nor do I care, if it is "accurate," since I just want to group pellets into similar weights, and this does an excellent job at that. Of course, to get good results, you need to be in a draft-free, vibration-free, location. Simply blowing gently on the scale, will have drastic (but temporary) effects on the readings--of course. I also found that it can take 5 to 10 seconds for the readings to stabilize, which is fine with me. But when I DO all these things, I get VERY good results. I almost bought my 2nd choice ($125) scale, because of some of the poor experiences several other reviewers had. Since I had great "luck" with mine, I'm glad I didn't spend the extra money! :^)