AD-4410 Vibration-Resistant Weighing Indicator

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Quick Overview

Use the AD-4410 to build custom in-line checkweighing systems without the
need for complex anti-vibration measures. The AD-4410 Indicator uses DSP
technology to compensate for the effects of vibration in real-world
production lines. Reduce the cost and need for expensive mechanical vibration
compensation equipment



  • Zero adjustment
  • Zero tracking
  • Tare
  • F key
  • Assign a function to the display in the general functions.
  • Memory backup
  • Near zero detection function
  • Upper or lower limit detection function
  • Hold function
  • RS-232C Comes Standard with Optional RS-232C/RS-485 Functionality


Country of Manufacture
External Divisions 16,000,000
Internal Divisions 999,999d ( less than 20,000d recommended )
Power AC100V to 240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 5.7"(W) x 2.8"(H) x 4.9"(D)
Weighing Units Grams (g), Kilograms (kg)
IP-Rating (waterproofing) IP-65
Connectivity None
Excitation Recommended DC5V ± 5%, 120mA
Load Cell Input Sensitivity Over 0.15 m V/d (d=minimum division)
Load Cell Drive Up to 8 load cells (350 W )
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