AD-4406 Indicator

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Quick Overview

The AD-4406 provides a low cost, multi-functional weight indicator to suit your specific environmental & application needs.



  • 1 / 40,000 Display Resolution
  • Mount on table, wall, desktop or panel mount (bracket standard)
  • Comparator Function & Optional Relay/Transistor Output. HI/GO/LO comparator & simple weighing-in comparator can be selected
  • Front panel is waterproof, protected to IP65
  • Connects to A&D Load Cells & SB Platforms or other mfgr’s strain gauge load cells/platforms
  • Digital Linearization
  • Powers up to 4 load cells @ 350 ohm/load cell (8 l/c @ 700 ohms)
  • RS-232C interface is standard, RS-422/485 optional
  • Optional Relay Outputs or 4-20mA Analog Output
  • 3 input signals for external control, input signal can be selected from zero, tare, mode, net/gross, print, M+
  • User Programmable F1 & F2 keys (for print, setpoint control, counting, accumulating)
  • Protected from EMI & RFI interference


Country of Manufacture
External Divisions 20,000
Internal Divisions 40,000
Power AC Adaptor, C battery (6), or AD-1681
Dimensions 7.56 (W) x 3.43 (D) x 3.78 (H)
Connectivity None
Excitation Recommended 5V DC ± 5% (remote sensing)
Load Cell Input Sensitivity 0.2 μ V/d or greater
Load Cell Drive Up to 4 load cells at 350 Ω /load cell (Max. 60mA)
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