PS 8100.R2 Precision Balance

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Quick Overview

PS.R2 series balances represent a new standard of precision balances. They feature a new, readable LCD display which allows a clearer presentation of the weighing result. Besides, the display has a new text information line allowing to show additional messages and data, e.g. product name or tare value.

New PS.R2 balances, like previously designed PS series balances, have pans in two possible dimensions: 128x128 mm or 195x195 mm. balances with a smaller pan have a draft shield. The balance precision and the measurement accuracy is assured by automatic internal adjustment, which takes into consideration temperature changes and time flow.



Max capacity [Max] 8100 g
Minimum load 500 mg
Readability [d] 10 mg
Tare range -8100 g
Repeatability 12 mg
Linearity ±30 mg
Sensitivity drift 2 ppm/°C in temperature +10 - +40 °C
Stabilization time 1,5 s
Adjustment internal (automatic) 
Display LCD (backlit) 
Power supply 12 ÷ 16 V DC 
Working temperature +10 - +40 °C
Pan Size 195×195 mm
Net weight 5,7 kg
Gross weight 7,3 kg
Packaging size 470×380×336 mm
Interface 2×RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, Wireless Connection (option) 


Model PS 8100.R2
Capacity (Max) 8,100g
Display Readability (d) 10mg
Repeatability (±) 12 mg
Linearity (±) ±30 mg
Weighing Units Grams (g), Kilograms (kg), Milligrams (mg)
Stabilization Time 1.5 Seconds
Calibration Internal (automatic)
Display Size LCD (backlit)
Platform Size 195×195 mm
Dimensions 470×380×336 mm
Power 12 ÷ 16 V DC
Connectivity RS232, WiFi
Country of Manufacture