K8215DD-T-AS 13-inch Dual Dial Hanging Scale with Hanging Pan


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The CHATILLON® 8200 Series hanging scale are crafted of chrome-plates steel with machines stainless steel pinions and a phosphor bronze rack combination for virtually frictionless performance. The 13-inch double dial reaches full capacity in three revolutions. Runners are indexed for each revolution. Brass air dashpots eliminate pointer oscillation.

The 8200 Series may be specifed as a Class lll "Legal for Trade" scale. Available in avoirdupois and metric models, the 8200 Series can be supplied witha bottom hook (nickel plated steel) or the popular AS circular pan. The AS Pan is constructed of stainless steel. The supporting ring and bow are of nickel plated steel. The removable 5-inch deep round pan has drain holes and is USDA approved for use in general food handling.


  • H44 Class III “Legal for Trade”
  • Avoirdupois and Metric Graduations
  • Full Capacity in Three Pointer Revolutions
  • Double 13-inch Dials (Glass Covered)
  • Bottom Hook or AS Attachments
  • Maximum Overload: 120% of Rated Capacity
  • Tare Capacity: 10% Full Scale Capacity
  • Weight with Hook: 14 lbs (6.4 kg)
  • Weight with AS Pan: 18 lbs (8.2 kg)


Capacity (Max) 15lb
Display Readability (d) 20oz
Weighing Units Grams (g), Kilograms (kg)
Connectivity None
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