Navigator NVT3201/1 Portable Balance

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Quick Overview

  • Now available in three durable housing sizes with models to fit any application

  • Touchless Sensors

  • One Second Stabilization Time

  • Superior Overload Protection

  • Multiple Application Modes

  • Unsurpassed Cleanliness


OHAUS raises the bar in value-oriented scales…again! The Navigator® series offers a unique combination of features, including touch less sensors, ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection for use in a wide variety of weighing applications.


Model NVT3201/1
Capacity (Max) 3,200g
Display Readability (d) 0.2g
Repeatability (±) 0.2
Linearity (±) 0.4
Weighing Units Grams (g), Ounces (oz), Troy Ounces (ozt), Pennyweight (dwt), Carats (ct), Grains (gr/GN), Kilograms (kg), Pounds (lb), Pounds:Ounces (lb:oz), Tael (tl), Tola, Newtons (N)
Platform Size 9 x 6.9"
Dimensions 9.5 x 9.8 x 2.9
Power 12VDC 0.42A AC adapter (included), 100-240V 0.25A 50-60Hz
Connectivity None
Country of Manufacture