1kg OIML Class F1 Calibration Weight


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Quick Overview

  • 1000g OIML Class F1 (±5mg)

  • No certificate included - If you need a certificate, check out our Troemner weights here.

  • Includes storage case.

  • Includes white cotton glove.

  • One-piece construction - no adjustment cavity

  • Non-magnetic Stainless Steel


This OIML Class F1 calibration weight is designed for testing and calibrating digital scales. Each is made from nonmagnetic stainless steel which makes them suitable for electronic balances. Solid, one-piece construction. A protective plastic case and white cotton glove are included. These weights are very precise and should not be handled with ungloved hands to prevent skin oils from changing the accuracy of the weight. NO CERTIFICATE INCLUDED.


Mass 1000g
Tolerance 5mg
Dimensions 1.9 in. diameter / 3.1 in. tall
Construction Polished Stainless Steel - Non-magnetic Density: 7.96g/cm³ One piece construction - no adjustment cavity
Certificate No Certificate Supplied
Included Accessories Plastic Case, White Cotton Glove
Country of Manufacture China